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Campaign Analytics

Take charge of your recruitment process and make data driven-decisions.

Take charge of your recruitment process and make data driven-decisions

We track, measure and asses all of our campaigns to give you the most valuable and user-friendly information to help in your future campaigns. See what data you can expect from our services.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Analytics

Our influencer campaign, used individually or in combination with other services, can help you spread your employer branding message whilst identifying what type of content and topic caught on and to what audiences.

Engagement metrics

See the metrics behind the campaign when it comes to engagement & engagement rates

Audience Analytics

Identify what audiences saw & interracted most with your posts

Content Analysis

Unveil what type of content/topic worked best based on engagement rates

Job Titles- Understand who is engaging based on roles

Analyse where you break through in terms of roles and titles

Companies- Understand who is engaging based on brands

Analyse where you break through in terms of companies and industries

Career Solutions + Recruitment Marketing

ZmashBot Analytics

ZmashBot analytics applies to both Career Solutions and Recruitment Marketing campaigns. You can choose to change the conversation flow of ZmashBot and unveil information specific to your company.

The flow funnel

The flow funnel shows you data on how your potential candidates are going through the application process. Find out & optimize your custom flow.

Skills, culture or personal values

As you can choose which values you would like to integrate in the flow; the charts will always change depending on that.

Qualified Candidates List

You will receive a full candidates list with all qualified ones being on top of the list with the highest scores.

Understand your audience

Get real time insights cross your Career pages and Recruitment marketing campaigns on which preferences are ranked the highest

Understand your top candidates

Get candidates to select their top personal values that characterize themselves cross your Career pages and as part of Recruitment marketing campaigns

Influencer Marketing + Recruitment Marketing

Website Analytics

In case you opt for Zmash creating a campaign landing page, we offer extra information.

Events tracking

We use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to track clicks.

Sources tracking

Custom links are always used to allow us to track the visitor origin.

Other metrics

Sessions, Users, Average session duration, avg. time on page, etc

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These are some of the companies we worked with.

We helped Sigma IT Consulting position their brand among IT students cross leading universities

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We helped Scania find and pre-screen top quality candidates using Influencers and AI technology

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We helped HiQ find, attract and qualify Tech Talents through Recruitment Marketing by enabling conversations at scale

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We helped Experis reach more talent and improve their average time spent on their website by 50%

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We helped Ework find 39 Qualified Candidates for a marketing position within 3 weeks

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Plantagen had 644 qualified candidates to pick from after Zmash ran their 2019 Recruitment campaign

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