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Do you know who is actually visiting your Career Page?

Many companies have no idea who is actually visiting their Career pages across the web and social media. With our AI solution, it is now possible to interact and have conversations with your passive visitors to know more about them in terms of skills, preferences and profiles. With the platform, companies can now match open positions with unique conversations happening through their own channels which will improve the application rates and recruitment marketing efforts.


Potential candidates arrive on your website/facebook page from Ads or organic traffic


Candidates chat with you through our AI solution and get an introduction to your company in an interactive way


Candidates get matched with current available positions based on their conversation, skills and background


Candidates are screened based on score which gives recruiters understanding of whom their top talents are

Data Analytics

All conversations are stored and presented as valuable insights about who is actually visiting your career sites

Not a regular chat

We create inspiring conversations that welcome your visitors. We can showcase the jobs suitable for certain types of skills and allow users to create a general application within the bot or guide them to open positions

1. Consideration

Present your company and its benefits.

2. Conversation

Interview your potential candidate.

3. Matching

Recommend appropriate roles based on conversation.

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