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Academy reached 25% more applicants to their educational programs for future consultants

Academy is a sister company to Academic Work which provides intensive training based on the form of Accelerated Learning.

The purpose of Academy is to prepare and train people with the right abilities and ambition for new challenges and careers. Academy trains consultants for 12 weeks in and in various areas.Zmash was providing Academy with a new set of tools and services that attracted more than 500 candidates to their Java and #C.NET programs. Zmash developed a campaign page as well as used Zmashbot to interact, qualify and guide visitors to the campaign page to the best suitable program for the candidate.

Zmash created content and developed the campaign page where candidates, through a chattbot conversation, could easily and in a mobile friendly way, find out more and apply to the appropriate program

About the solution

Academy was looking to hire new IT talents for their educational programs. We used our skills in Social media marketing in combination with Zmashbot conversations to attract the right audience for Academy. Zmash also developed content and a campaign page matching the employer branding value proposition of Academy.

Here are some of the results of the campaign:

  • Objective: Recruitment and Awareness
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Type: ZmashBot Campaign and creation of content and campaign page
  • Visitors: 1400
  • Qualified Candidates: 500
  • Conversion Rate from Candidate to Qualified Candidate: 36%
  • Campaign period 8 weeks
  • Impressions: 32 000

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