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We helped Sweco identify what their trainee candidates are interested in, what their personal qualities are and helped them convert users into interested trainee applicants

More than 30% of all candidates left contact information for future nurturing and creating a Talent pool for Sweco

Attracting, developing and retaining the foremost talents is crucial to Sweco’s long-term success. Their employees go to work every day, and each contributes in their own way to shaping tomorrow’s cities and communities.

Sweco used ZmashBot as a way to find out more about their trainee website users and help convert them into potential candidates.

Through chat conversations, Sweco gathered information on what is of interest to the target group but also a channel that enables further processing of target groups.

The information the Zmashbot gathered can further help Sweco improve the user experience on their website while focusing on the content pieces that bring the most interest for their potential candidates. In the fight for talent, there are several ways to improve competitive advantage. By researching what your users are looking for you can easily put forward the information that is truly of value to your candidates.

ZmashBot brings recruitment and employer branding together when used as a tool that covers all ares of interest for both departments:

  • Research
  • Ease of use for the potential candidates visiting the website
  • A chance to apply/leave your contact information.

With ATS integrations and AI available now, ZmashBot is more powerful than ever. Check out how we’ve changed and what we’re bringing to the table to help you find the best strategy for your employer branding and recruitment efforts.


Statistics from the campaign

Sweco was one of the most successful campaigns at Zmash. With a demographic of mostly young people looking for trainee oppotunities, we see an increase in willingness to chat with ZmashBot. The engagement rate was much higher than expected with traditional applications. Amongst the many differences between applying to jobs through a chatbot and applying traditionally through forms is that, with the help of a chatbot, even if a user does not finalize an application, you, as a client, still have access to the previously stated answers.

Statistics from the campaign

  • Engagement Rate: 70% of all website users
  • Conversion Rate: 30% of all trainee candidates left their contact information to Sweco for future nurturing

See how our new AI solution, mixed with ATS integrations can change your recruitment process forever.


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