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We helped HiQ find, attract and qualify Tech Talents through Recruitment Marketing by enabling conversations at scale

Helping HiQ recruit tech talents

Founded in 1995, HiQ helps make the world a better place by using technology and communication solutions to make people’s lives simpler. Zmash helped HiQ recruit for a specific, technical and intermediate/senior position within IT. Although finding IT developers is challenge, Zmash delivered a conversation rate of 11% from engagement to candidate.

HiQ also identified what their candidates are interested in when it comes to their company culture and what specific projects they find most intriguing. This saves recruiters a lot of time sorting out the top candidates using the Zmash Campaign Dashboard which summarizes all candidates and their profiles, including top values and skills. 

How did we do this? Zmash used unique targeting across social media in combination with a conversation flow that made HiQ stand out, as well as pre-screen candidates based on their IT skills and culture match

Zmash developed, in collaboration with Recruiters at HiQ ,the conversation flow based on an inspiring set of questions to understand the culture match at scale. HiQ is a very culture driven organisation and have a unique set of activities that we highlighted and matched based on each candidates set of qualifications

What is more attractive about HiQ?

Top reasons to work at HiQ and on what projects

What activities are candidates interested in?

About the campaign

HiQ was looking to hire new talent in various IT positions including Front-end, Back-end and Full stack developers. The campaign was set up by targeting across Linkedin and Facebook and run for 3 weeks.

Campaign results:

  • Total number of Candidates: 69
  • Top ranked Qualified Candidates: 8
  • Conversion Rate from Candidate to Qualified Candidate: 11%

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