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Attract, Engage and Convert Trainees

We helped NCC attract, engage and convert more candidates for their trainee programs.

NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic region and their products and services create value for many parts of society. Zmash assisted NCC with their trainee recruitment to answer frequently asked questions, help users see if they were eligible to apply for the trainee program, and capture leads for upcoming trainee programs. Using ZmashBot, NCC gained a conversion rate of 23% from Conversation to Qualified Candidate when searching for new candidates for their two trainee programs. Zmash together with NCC created a new plan for how future trainees can take advantage of NCC’s offer as an employer. The campaign consisted of:

🎉 Chatbot Conversations on Their Student Pages

The purpose of the chatbot was to be able to give users answers to frequently asked questions that NCC usually received via email. To reduce the number of emails, they chose to implement a solution where their users could get answers to their questions directly on the website.

The chatbot also asked users about their background and identified if they were eligible to apply to NCC’s trainee programs.

To increase the number of qualified candidates in their trainee recruitment, those who were qualified were sent to the application pages and those who were not qualified were caught as leads for future trainee programs. 

The image below asks users where they studied and in what year they will finish or have finished their studies. The answer to the latter question is what determines if a user is qualified for the trainee programs.

🎉 Social Recruiting

Marketing on social media is close to Zmash’s heart. We are proud to be data-driven in everything we do. We are a digital marketing company with our own chatbot technology.

With the help of a campaign on social media, we were able to attract the right candidates for NCC’s trainee recruitment, as well as strengthen their employer brand with the help of video advertising.

For NCC, one of the most interesting results was related to advertising. Download our whitepaper to read more about it.


Our Solution

To effectively provide more information to users and help them see if they were eligible to apply for the trainee program, a chatbot conversation was created for NCC’s student pages.

In order to attract more applicants to the trainee program, ads were also created on social media.

ZmashBot for career pages is a great way to engage users at any time of the day. It gives them quick feedback and can easily qualify them based on their previous experience.

  • Campaign: Purpose: Recruitment and Employer Branding
  • Platforms: Career page, Facebook & Instagram
  • Solution: ZmashBot for career pages and advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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