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Plantagen had 644 qualified candidates to pick from after Zmash ran their 2019 Recruitment campaign

Helping Plantagen improve their employer brand and recruit qualifed candidates

Plantagen attracted candidates for over 40 of their stores by using our data-driven chatbot conversations in social media.

At Zmash, we understand that mobile phones are the most common devices used by new generations. Plantagen’s goal was to recruit about 250 candidates in 40 locations in Sweden prior to its peak season, which runs from the end of March to the beginning of August 2019.

We want those who come into contact with us in recruitment campaigns to perceive our brand as more modern, fresh and innovative. One way to do this is through chatbot technology, where the candidates get immediate contact with us via their chat function on social media. In this way, we adapt our application process to the candidates’ everyday behavior. The retail industry is rapidly changing and our other processes must keep up with this development in order for us to succeed in continuing to be a competitive and attractive employer.
-Charlotte Wernros, Head of Group HR and Maria Tengblad HR Business Partner, Plantagen

All applicants had a great impression about Plantagen, but also about ZmashBot! Here is some of their main keywords.


Plantagen is the leading Nordic brand in plants with 145 stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Plantagen has 1300 employees and annual sales of NOK 3.9 billion. In Sweden alone, Plantagen has 42 stores from Umeå in the north, to Malmö in the south. Plantagen’s business concept is to offer inspiration in combination with a wide range of everything needed to get the right plants for everyone’s home, balcony or garden.

About the campaign

In todays’ status quo, an overwhelming issue is the amount of users who go on career sites and do not finish their application. The employer receives no information on those users. At Zmash, we do. If a user does not continue the application, we can reach out to them and ask if they do want to continue it.

At the same time, all applicants are in good hands when applying through Zmash. We have employees talking to all candidates, answering questions and informing them if they did not receive the job.

Zmash helped Plantagen position itself as an employer who cares about its applicants

  • Objective: Employer Branding and Recruitment
  • Platforms: Facebook & Instagram
  • Type: Recruitment Marketing Campaign
  • Qualified Candidate – Hire: 29% out of the candidates went on to, at least, the second stage of the interview process
  • Link Clicks – Messaging conversation: 40% of users who have clicked on our ads have had a saved conversation with ZmashBot


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