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We helped Scania find and pre-screen highly-skilled candidates

Helping Scania attract tech talents

Scania offers employees an exciting future, with the opportunity to work together to develop a more sustainable transport solutions across the planet.

Zmash helped Scania with attract IT talents for certain positions. With over  144 000 views cross Linkedin we helped Scania get their word out in a new innovative way promoting exciting projects and initiatives that Scania has a challenge to promote in front of passive candidates not considering Scania as their future employer. With more than 1900 website visitors on the Zmash developed landing page, Scania interacted with over 180 candidates through our AI chat technology, ZmashBot™. The pool of candidates was narrowed down to 43 after ZmashBot qualified them based on the necessary skills where Scania was looking for experts in the desired fields like Software development, Machine learning, AI, Front and Back-endDevelopment. 

Using the ZmashBot™ recruitment solution has brought Scania not only awareness and new talents, but also other benefits that come from running the campaign. They now know which topics to focus on & what audiences interact most with their content as well what passive candidates engage with in terms of content when thinking of Scania as potential new employer.

Finally, with over 400 goal completions on the website (interacting with the bot/navigating to Scania’s career site), Scania now has a great list of candidates for their available positions.

Influencer post example & landing page screenshot

The below graphs show only a small portion of the data from Scania’s full report & dashboard

What aspects of a company culture are most important?

What opportunities would you like to have within a company?

What are your top skills?

About the campaign

Scania was looking to hire new talent in various IT positions related to AI and machine learning as well as finding Developers and IT skilled Project managers. The campaign generated over 140 000 views and a Conversation rate to Qualified Candidate of 48%

Zmash helped. Here’s how.

  • Platforms: Linkedin
  • Objective: Attraction
  • Type: Influencer and ZmashBot Campaign
  • Influencer Posts: 30
  • Brand Advisors: 6
  • Impressions: 144.000


  • Candidates: 187
  • Qualified Candidates: 43
  • Conversion Rate from Candidate to Qualified Candidate: 48%


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