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Client case

We helped Sigma IT Consulting position their brand among IT students cross leading universities

Our influencers promoted Sigma IT Consulting's recruiting events

Sigma IT consulting is part of the Sigma Group and is a strong and fast growing IT consulting company, helping customers with innovative solutions every day. Zmash, through its influencer campaign, provided awareness for a specific set of recruiting events where the student influencers promoted social posts through their own social media channels which created a reach of over 5000 students. Having used the same topic in each post, this campaign was solely used for providing more information about the events to the target audience. Sigma used Student influencers from Zmash to tap into the target group at specific locations cross Sweden like Chalmers, KTH and Lund.  

Finally, Sigma IT consulting has also uncovered analytics provided from Zmash in terms of which content worked the best cross Facebook and Instagram creating valuable information for future student targeting and awareness. 

About the campaign

Sigma IT consulting had a need to position their benefits as an employer to attract top students.

By using Student influencers as their main channel of communication, Sigma IT Consulting got a Total Campaign Engagement rate of 5,26%.  This was possible to achieve using influencers that belonged to the desired target group, IT students.


  • Objective: Awareness
  • Brand Advisors: 11
  • Platforms: Facebook & Instagram
  • Number of posts: 88
  • Engagement Rate Instagram 3,4% compared to Instagram Average rate of 3%
  • Engagement Rate Facebook 1,79% compared to Facebook Average rate of 0,5%


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