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Creating the foundation for their future employer branding and recruitment strategies.

Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding & Messages Campaigns with ZmashBot

Stora Enso’s financial department in Estonia was looking to improve their employer brand awareness across the country. Their main goal was to understand where they stand and what they can do in the future to be a top of mind employer.

Zmash used LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram campaigns targeting junior finance professionals and potential trainees to:

💎 Generate awareness.

💎 Generate candidate conversions for traineeships & full-time jobs.

ZmashBot was also used within Facebook messages campaigns to guide candidates to jobs and conduct employer brand research.

Link Click Campaigns 🖱️

Traffic campaigns were run on all platforms with the goal to bring more users to the main careers site and to specific job pages.

If you want to know more about our recruitment marketing and employer branding projects, check out this page.

Awareness Campaigns 👀

Awareness campaigns were used to generate more awareness across their target audience on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign also included Instagram Stories.

Conversational Campaigns 💬

At Zmash, we developed our own technology for website and Facebook chatbots. ZmashBot can be used on any website, Facebook page or even within Facebook ads. Stora Enso used Facebook ads with ZmashBot to automatically interact, from their own Facebook page, with potential candidates. The chatbot:

🔎 Guided candidates to available jobs/traineeships.

📊 Gathered research data about how Stora Enso’s employer brand is perceived.

You can read more about ZmashBot here. Reach out to us through the chatbot if you’d like to know more about our products.



At Zmash, we take data very seriously. At the end of the campaign that lasted 3 months, we generated a 30 page report based on Stora Enso’s brand guidelines that can be used as a baseline for setting future strategies within both recruuitment and employer branding.

🖺 What Stora Enso knows now:

✔️ How many people they can reach in the defined market/ roles.

✔️ Costs for each platform and whether to bid on clicks/views.

✔️ What they can expect from each channel in terms of engagement.

✔️ Estimate ad views and link clicks for each platform and define budgets.

✔️ Which platforms and campaign types to choose based on future goals

Social Media KPIs

For Stora Enso it was important to understand what strategies to apply depending on their goals. Across all platforms and campaign types, we analyzed and compared metrics to identify the top platforms and campaign types for different goals (ex: awareness vs. conversions). The main KPIs that we analyzed were:

💲 Cost per click (CPC)

The cost per click will help in estimating future results and setting up budgets for future campaigns that are aimed at attracting users to the careers website/job specific pages and converting them.

💰 Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)

The cost per 1000 impressions is the cost of receiving 1000 ad views on an ad. This information helps when the goal of a campaign is to reach as many users as possible instead of the goal being link clicks.

🖱️ CTR (link)

The CTR (link) is the percentage of link clicks out of all ad views and it helps to understand how many views are needed for a certain amount of link clicks to happen.

👍 Engagement rate 

The engagement rate is a secondary KPI that is similar to the CTR (link) but also includes reactions to the post. It represents the percentage of interactions with the ad out of all ad views.

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