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Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

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Vattenfall is one of Sweden’s largest companies in energy and has, for more than 100 years, electrified industries, delivered energy to people’s homes and modernized our way of life. Vattenfall was looking for IT talent and chose to attract them via social media ads and chatbot conversations on their career pages.

All employees at Vattenfall are energized by one essential goal: to power climate smarter living and become fossil free within one generation. This requires broader thinking and real changes. It requires people who want to make a real difference.

We helped Vattenfall by:

💡 Creating different chatbot conversations for multiple specific jobs on their career site. These jobs were for senior IT professional that are usually hard to fill no matter what company you’re in.

💡 Developing social media content and promoting the positions on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram while continuously A/B testing targeting and content.

💡 Creating a live dashboard to showcase campaign data as well as traditional vs. chatbot applications.

💡 Two extensive reports.

At Zmash, we focus on quality rather than quantity and we ensure that each and every client receives customized reports folowed up by recommendations. During the campaign we presented Vattenfall with 2 extensive reports on how the recruitment campaigns went. Working with Google Analytics as well as social media platforms, we were able to analyze the recruitment marketing funnel from:

  • The traditional application perspective and
  • The chatbot application perspective.


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Target Audience

🎯 The target audiences were generally very narrow and focused mostly on senior IT professionals.

📍 Countries: Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Poland.

📍 Languages: Swedish, German, Dutch, Polish, English.

📍 Job Titles: .NET engineers, Solution Designers, Network Engineers, Business Architects.

📍 Seniority: More than 5 years experience.


Social Media KPIs

For Stora Enso it was important to understand what strategies to apply depending on their goals. Across all platforms and campaign types, we analyzed and compared metrics to identify the top platforms and campaign types for different goals (ex: awareness vs. conversions). The main KPIs that we analyzed were:

👩‍🦳👩‍🦰🧔 Candidate Conversion Rate

We measured the conversion rate from page view & link click to candidate for both traditional and ZmashBot job applications. The candidate conversion rate is helpful in understanding what you can expect from social media marketing with certain budgets and for certain job adverts.

🤖 Candidate Disqualification Rate

ZmashBot, as opposed to the traditional application process, can directly inform applicants if they are not qualified for a certain position. This helps recruiters save time going through unqualified candidates and it saves candidates time from applying to jobs that don’t match their backgrounds.

🖱️ CTR (link)

The CTR (link) is the percentage of link clicks out of all ad views and it helps to understand how many views are needed for a certain amount of link clicks to happen.

👍 Engagement rate 

The engagement rate is a secondary KPI that is similar to the CTR (link) but also includes reactions to the post. It represents the percentage of interactions with the ad out of all ad views.

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