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Dashboard and Benchmarking

Be data-driven in both employer branding and recruitment, at the same time. Make a change. Start today.

Take charge of your recruitment process and make data driven-decisions

We track, measure and asses all of our campaigns to give you the most valuable and user-friendly information to help in the future. See what data you can expect from our services.


Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard will show you how ZmashBot is performing on your website in terms of engagement and conversion. Find out...

  • How many potential candidates are interacting with ZmashBot?
  • How many potential candidates continue a conversation?
  • How many potential candidates finish a conversation?
  • How many candidates are qualified?
And many more.

Engagement metrics

Find out how your potential candidates interact with your brand

Candidate data

Find out who your website users are and gather candidate data

Across time comparison

Compare your performance with previous months and see how you've improved



ZmashBot analytics applies to both Career Solutions and Recruitment Marketing campaigns. You can choose to change the conversation flow of ZmashBot and unveil information specific to your company.

Compare your recruitment results with your competitors

Use the Zmash Dashboard to see where you stand in the fight for talent

Compare your recruitment results with your past data

Use the Zmash Dashboard to see how your recruitment & Employer Brand evolved over time

Start being data-driven

Zmash gives you the right tools to improve both your recruitment and employer branding efforts


Conversion rates & Engagement Rates

Find out which jobs potential candidates are more interested in and which are harder to recruit for

Check your overall career site conversion rate

Through Zmash, you can see exactly how many users have converted to candidates and how many candidates are actually qualified for your positions

Check the conversion rates per each job on your career site

Find out how each job-opening is performing compare to others

Find out how your users are engaging with your job-openings

Zmash can show you the engagement rate on each job-opening as well as at an overall level


Find your conversion rate on each job-opening

Find out which jobs are harder to recruit for

User Tracking

We track how many users land on each page

Engagement Tracking

We systematically track the ZmashBot engagements

Conversion Tracking

We track conversions in all locations on your website

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These are some of the companies we worked with.

Creating the foundation for their future employer branding and recruitment strategies.

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Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

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More than 40% of website visitors interacted with ZmashBot, making it easier for Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset to identify who is really visiting their website

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Schneider Electric used messages campaigns with ZmashBot to attract more candidates for their trainee program

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Academy reached 25% more applicants to their educational programs for future consultants

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We helped Sweco identify what their trainee candidates are interested in, what their personal qualities are and helped them convert users into interested trainee applicants

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