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Employer Brand Conversion

The Employer Brand Conversion tab helps you understand how your careers site is performing in terms of conversions.


Using ZmashBot as an application tool for your candidates is a great way to move forward.


  1. It’s easy to use by candidates: Candidates waste a lot of time applying to jobs in a traditional way. Offering them the opportunity to bypass the lengthy and opaque application process, you improve your overall perception as a brand.


  1. It’s a great way to make sure you capture all the traffic that you pay for: Imagine that all of your ads on social media are seen, in a very large number, by users on their mobile devices. The simpler your application process is, the more prone users will be to actually apply. There is no simpler way than having ZmashBot interact with the users that you bring. Stop wasting your budget on social media to bring candidates onto a page with a complicated application process. Candidates are slipping through your fingers. With ZmashBot, they won’t.


  1. You can start being data-driven: By using ZmashBot, you have access to current data but we also measure your efforts in comparison to your previous 30 days as well as other companies competing for the same talent as you are. You can finally know where you stand in the fight for talent.


  1. Show candidates that you are willing to change, as a company.


  1. Never again need to ask the digital department for numbers on website users. Zmash helps you see everything you need to see from a recruitment and employer branding perspective.