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Employer Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is a metric that shows you how your potential candidates are interacting with your brand. We compare your brand engagement with that of our other clients in order for you to understand where you stand in the fight for talent.


Brand engagement is calculated as the amount of conversations (number of initiated bot conversations) divided by number of conversations where the user has interacted at least once with the bot. This equation shows you a percentage and it is that percentage that defines your brand engagement


Brand engagement can show you if you need to invest more in employer branding so that potential candidates are more prone to interact with you as an employer.


An awareness campaign regarding your brand can make users more prone to interacting with your brand and thus, applying to your jobs. Zmash can help you with your digital marketing efforts.


An awareness campaign is a campaign meant to spread information about you as an employer. The campaign can be aimed at your target audience and can emphasize anything from company values, to benefits of working at your company.


We at Zmash work closely with you to identify what the best angles for an awareness campaign are. As we are social media experts, we can help you define the best strategy for your brand and move forward by creating campaigns on various social media platforms depending on your target audience and campaign goal.