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Facebook Ads chatbot with the Teamtailor integration

A different kind of Facebook Ads


🚀 One ad to rule them all

ZmashBot is a very flexible and powerful tool and even more so with its integration with Teamtailor. Facebook and Instagram ads don’t always need to be traffic ads to your career site. ZmashBot enables you to create highly customizable messages ads.

One a user clicks on an ad, he is guided to a messenger conversation that can start with artifical intelligence and identify what type of job the user is looking for. Once the chatbot gets the information about the job and the location that the user is interested in, it can show a list of available jobs for that entry. The user can then:

If you use our website AI chatbot, then once the user clicks to read more about the job, they will once again be greeted by ZmashBot and asked if they would like to apply.

All candidate data, no matter the platform or the set-up, will end up in your own Teamtailor account so you can easily manage the rest of the application process there.



✔️ You can continuously have one single ad running, directed at all target audiences, emphasizing your employer brand and allowing users to pick what they are interested in applying for.

👍 All campaigns are run from your own Facebook Page. The video below is for demo purposes.

👍 We can run the campaigns for you. Check out more about Recruitment Marketing here.

👍 If you have a digital marketing department or an agency that wants to use ZmashBot in their Facebook and Instagram ads, that is also possible. Contact us for more information.


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