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Facebook Page chatbot with the Teamtailor integration

Automated recruitment & EB chatbot on your Facebook Page

✔️ Our Facebook page chatbot as well as ads and website chatbots can work with or without an ATS integration. However, with an ATS integration, you can capture candidates on all platforms and collect their application data directly in your ATS.

You can:

❤️ Guide candidates to jobs directly inside your organic Facebook Page chatbot.

❤️ Allow candidates to apply directly in the chatbot on your Facebook Page.

❤️ Disqualify candidates automatically and instantly based on their background.

❤️ Give candidates the option to read more about the open positions by navigating to your job specific pages once they were offered options based on background and location.

❤️ Conduct research about your employer brand and see the results in our Zmash Dashboard.

❗ Through Facebook’s inbox, you can still interact manually with any user that starts a conversation with your page even if you are using ZmashBot as an automated solution.



Interested in something else? Check out our Facebook ads chatbot or website chatbot! Both can be integrated with Teamtailor.

No matter if you go with one platform, or multiple, one strategy across all platforms or separate strategies, ZmashBot is flexible and can be used in a myriad of ways.

🔥 Are you using a different ATS? Don’t worry! We have integrations with multiple ATSs and even if we’re not yet integrated with yours, we can do it within 1-2 weeks. Reach out to us!

🔥 Do you not have an ATS or do not want to integrate ZmashBot to your ATS? No problem! Check out what we can do without an ATS integration.


The organic Facebook Page chatbot can be used either for:

✔️ Recruitment

✔️ Lead Generation


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