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How Does ZmashBot work?

ZmashBot can be used in multiple ways. No matter the way it is used, there is always a chat loop that can be continued if the users choose to interact further:


As an application chatbot integrated with your ATS


Users can come on your main career site -> interact with the bot -> get jobs that match their background (AI-based) -> click apply -> start and finish an application conversation through which you collect data on the candidate that will be then sent to your ATS -> ZmashBot pings users to go ahead and find more jobs that match their backgro


Users can land on a specific job page as a consequence of clicking on an ad -> interact with the bot -> the bot starts with an application conversation -> you get the data in your ATS -> the chatbot pings the user to find more jobs that fit their background (AI-based).


As a guiding chatbot

Users can land on your page, have a chat with ZmashBot -> Get jobs suggested and -> Sent to the job specific pages to apply in the traditional way.