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Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Supermetrics, A/B testing and many more.

🔥 At Zmash, we take data very seriously.

When it comes to recruitment marketing, the most important aspect is being able to measure your results from ad view all the way down to candidate conversion and even candidate hire.

We have the possibility to help you achieve this. However, the only issues are your ATS and your GTM set-ups. We can look into hhow everything is set-up today and see if we can adjust the way you track conversion so you can understand, not only which platforms are giving most of the conversions, but also which campaigns specifically.

We are experts in digital marketing, content development, analytics and reporting. All of these elements are key to the success in recruitment and employer branding.

 Google Analytics (GTM)

Google analytics helps you see data related to candidate’s behavior across your entire career site. The myriad of metrics can be confusing when trying to identify what really matters. However, as experts in analytics, we know exactly what to look at and how to interpret the results.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Tag manager is not specifically a tool that measures data. GTM can help you set-up events such as button clicks, form submissions, link clicks on your website. Once the events are set up, GTM informs Google Analytics when various events occured. Connecting GTM to GA can help you track conversions and other events that happen on your website to better and more in-depth understand your user’s behavior.


Supermetrics, as well as many other similar tools, help us merge data together from multiple places: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc.

A/B Testing

Because we can have an extensive set-up where data is key, we are able to properly have A/B tests on targeting types, platforms and content. We base the results in 3 main areas:


🥇 Conversion – Which targeting, ad, platform performed best in terms of conversions

✨ Engagement – Which targeting, ad, platform performed best in terms of engagement

✔️ Landing page views – Which targeting, ad, platform performed best in terms of link click-through rate (CTR-link)