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Recruitment Marketing for attracting passive and active candidates

🔥 Digital Marketing for recruitment and employer branding

At Zmash, we work with everything related to recruitment and employer branding. In addition to our own chatbot developed specifically for recruitment and employer branding, we also work with recruitment marketing, analytics and reporting. When we develop the digital strategy for any of our clients, we first discuss the goals for each campaign. Most of the times we combine different strategies that include both awareness and conversion campaigns.

We always aim at working with fixed overall budgets but with flexible budget allocation depending on the job that we are promoting. We also use our own chatbot in messages campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to try to identify what most candidates care about when it comes to an employer. When we have that information, we can better develop the ads to attract more and better talent.

We abide by your own brand guidelines and ensure that any texts, images and videos are in line with your expectations.

✔️ Content Development

✔️ Targeting based on previous analyzed data

✔️ A/B testing targeting and ads

✔️ Live Dashboard

✔️ Extensive reporting on target audiences, ads, and platforms


In addition to traffic campaigns on LinkedIn, we also use Facebook and instagram, both traffic and messages campaigns.

Traffic campaigns are aimed at guiding candidates to job specific pages/career page, whereas the messages campaigns are aimed at qualifying candidates, generating research and also converting candidates.

Interested in messages campaigns on Facebook for employer branding and recruitment? Click here to see a video of how it works.


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