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How to Increase Candidate Conversion Rates with Chatbots and Social Media Marketing

January 22, 2021 Whitepaper

In this white paper you can read more about our case with NCC and how you can use ZmashBot to attract more qualified candidates in connection with your trainee recruitment, wherever they are – website, event or on social media.

Using ZmashBot, NCC had a conversion rate of 23% from starting a chatbot conversation to becoming a qualified candidate for their trainee programs. Zmash, together with NCC created a new plan for how future trainees can take advantage of NCC’s offer as an employer. They did this through:

🎉 Chatbot conversations on their student pages

The chatbot was a means for NCC to be able to answer frequently asked questions that regularly ended up in recruiters’ inboxes. Knowing that they receive so many repetitive emails, NCC decided to implement a solution where potential candidates cand instantly get the answers that they need. The chatbot also asked users about their background to identify which positions they are suitable for.

🎉 Automating candidate recruitment at events

The time of filling in forms manually at recruitment events is long gone. Having personal information on a piece of paper is, not only debatable from a privacy perspective but it also poses many administrative issues. Zmash created a page for NCC from scratch based on their brand guidelines that showed all of their upcoming events & locations. Each event had its own chatbot conversation and all NCC had to do is show up at events and promote the link through a QR code or simply ask candidates to access that page and register.

NCC could then see information about how each event went by analyzing the conversion funnel and other important metrics.

🎉 Social Media Marketing

Zmash, at heart, is a digital marketing agency with its own chatbot technology. We pride ourselves in being data-driven in everything we do. For NCC, one of the most interesting discoveries was related to ads. To see more of what we mean, download our whitepaper.

Download our whitepaper for more information about the project with NCC and how you can:

  • Position yourself as an innovative employer.
  • Guide candidates to the right vacancy depending on background.
  • Collect relevant leads for future services.
  • Create a structure and process for evaluating events and collecting leads on all events in one and the same platform.
  • Collect relevant data from your target audience via ZmashBot.
  • Get more and more qualified candidates.

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