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Increasing Qualified Candidates with ZmashBot Recruitment

November 20, 2019 Whitepaper

More qualified candidates with ZmashBot

Knowit was looking for Management consultants and chose to reach out to Zmash. By using ZmashBot, the campaign resulted in a conversion rate of 23% from conversation to qualified candidate. In this whitepaper you can read more about our case with Knowit Insight and learn how you can use ZmashBot to increase your conversions.

Zmash created a landing page and generated the content for Knowit Insight where the candidates, via a chat conversation, could get more information about the service and apply to be part of the company. In addition, the chat bot qualified the candidates; thus, only those with the right type of background became final candidates.

Over 1000 ad link clicks led users to either the landing page or to Knowit’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Zmash ads reached candidates and qualified them directly in the conversation.

Download our whitepaper for more information on:

  • The creation of a landing page to show Knowit’s strengths as an employer;
  • Recruitment & research via ZmashBot;
  • The campaign in social media to create awareness;
  • Social media conversion campaign.

”HR needs to understand how digitalisation impacts its own organization and participate in and drive the digital change, both internally and externally.”

– Emma Svensson, Communications Manager @ knowit

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