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Recruitment Marketing

Boost your website visitors and candidate conversions through social media marketing

Social Media Marketing can help you achieve better results in recruitment

At Zmash, we have a team of senior data-driven digital marketing strategists always looking for the best ways to improve your results.


Drive Traffic from Ads to Your Website

Boost your website visitors and get more candidates by using data driven digital marketing. Get access to content, A/B-testing of ads and extensive reporting, based on relevant data and KPIs.

More traffic & conversions

Drive traffic to your career pages and job pages to attract and convert potential candidates.

Create awareness

Use social media marketing to create awareness about your employer brand.

Data-driven Strategies

We always A/B test both content and audience targeting options to make sure we bring you the best results.


Strengthen your employer brand through conversations

Use ZmashBots automated chatbot conversations in your Facebook ads to increase awareness about you as an employer. Give information, qualify and convert potential candidates, directly through conversations.

Qualify candidates

Use ZmashBot to qualify and convert candidates directly without them leaving the platform.

Create awareness

Get an opportunity to talk to your potential candidates and provide more information about you as an employer.

Conduct research

Identify what candidates consider most important when choosing an employer or if they could consider working for you.

Tracking & Analytics

Become a more data driven employer

Get access to content that is tailored to your brand guidelines, target groups and placements. Measure your results from ad views to conversions and use the data to plan your future recruitment and employer branding strategies and campaigns.

Content development

Get access to engaging content tailored to your target audiences and placements.


See which target group and type of content that gives the best results with ongoing A/B-testing.

Tracking & Analytics

We measure, analyze and optimize your ads with tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Supermetrics.

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These are some of the companies we worked with.

Creating the foundation for their future employer branding and recruitment strategies.

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Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

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More than 40% of website visitors interacted with ZmashBot, making it easier for Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset to identify who is really visiting their website

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Schneider Electric used messages campaigns with ZmashBot to attract more candidates for their trainee program

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Academy reached 25% more applicants to their educational programs for future consultants

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We helped Sweco identify what their trainee candidates are interested in, what their personal qualities are and helped them convert users into interested trainee applicants

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