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Sales Funnel – Stop Guessing and Start Tracking

February 23, 2021 Whitepaper

Tired of not knowing where to invest your marketing budgets?

More and more businesses are looking into how they can improve their sales funnel and analytics. This helps ensure that the budget allocation for leads generation is well assigned. Although some minor things can be done even without the help of a specialized analytics team, it will never be enough to ensure the future success of marketing strategies.

Lead generation is heavily dependent on the overall target audience, the channels that you use and the interactive tools that you have on your website. This whitepaper presents a few strategies that you can already start implementing on your own to improve your sales funnel.

  • At Zmash Leads, we are a team of digital marketing strategists and analytics professionals focused on performance marketing and chatbot technology.
  • We developed our own leads chatbot that can be used on websites, Facebook pages and within Facebook ads to increase engagement and conversion rates. One of the key features is the continuously developing dashboard that can show you insights on what your potential clients are most interested in.

Reach out if you want to find out more about how we can help you improve your analytics and digital marketing journey!

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