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3 Tips for Recruiting Trainees

mars 11, 2022 Recruitment

After running their trainee campaigns for years, NCC decided to work with Zmash to turn their all-year-round website visitors into leads for their traineeships. Download our case to find out more.

Here are a 3 tips for your trainee recruitment strategies!

Tip 1: Be aware that trainees are always out there.

It’s easy to get stuck thinking that you should only recruit when a job is available.

Finding a solution to help you constantly generate candidate leads across the year is a great way to ensure you are collecting candidate data without having to set your Trainee Program live.


Tip 2: Use the data.

Data here, data there, data everywhere. It feels like everywhere you look today, especially on LinkedIn, people just won’t stop about being ”data-driven”.

But what does it mean? You can be data-driven in so many ways, but we think the emphasis should be on

Data-driven vs. Data-aware

You can’t be data-driven if you don’t know

  • What data do you have?
  • What data are you lacking?
  • What data don’t you know you’re lacking?

You can use ZmashBot to get valuable, measurable & actionable insights from your candidates.

  • what they think of your employer brand,
  • what is most important to them at a workplace,
  • what they care most about when choosing an employer,
  • how they found you,
  • etc.

Understand the backgrounds of the users visiting your page & the candidates that send in a full application.

  • how many years experience they have,
  • their location,
  • education and background,
  • skills,
  • etc.

With Zmash’s software capabilities, you can also segment all of the data and answer questions such as:

What do candidates with an IT background and 2 years experience care most about in an employer brand?

Tip 3: Don’t waste budgets on ineffective EB campaigns.

Running employer branding campaigns on social media is much easier and much more effective when you know what sparks an interest in your audiences.

For more details on how NCC does it all, download out whitepaper. For a fun demo (no strings attached), contact us through ZmashBot. You can see him hanging out to the bottom right of our page.



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