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Why senior IT professionals are a tough hire

February 26, 2021 Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we look at some of our own campaign metrics and draw conclusions from over 15 million ad views.

At Zmash, we work with multiple recruitment marketing campaigns. Each of them differs in two ways:

  • The company that is hiring
  • The type of position that the company is hiring for

These two aspects work hand in hand. If your employer brand is well perceived, then you most likely have a more successful recruitment marketing campaign.

However, when it comes to senior IT professionals, everyone has a hard time. And we mean, everyone.

We usually get the following question from our more data-driven clients:

Where do we stand? How do our results compare to other clients that you work with?

Truth be told, we estimate the cost per candidate for a qualified senior IT professional with more than 5-7 years experience to be at least 5,000kr – 10,000kr – and that is just for a candidate.

Many of our clients have issues hiring senior IT professionals. You are not alone. We sat down and asked a VP of software development with 10 years experience:

What would it take for you to switch jobs?

Because, the way we perceive it, senior IT professionals are rarely out of work. As a company, you’ll need to “steal” them. And what steals a candidate better than an amazing employer brand?

Download the whitepaper to see some interesting statistics about social media and what our conclusions are related to finding senior IT professionals. 

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