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Guide your potential candidates to the right jobs based on background, skills and experience and let them apply directly in the website chat

ZmashBot Career Site

AI technology to help candidates on your Careers Website apply to jobs they are qualified for

With ZmashBots’ incorporated AI, candidates can now answer questions about their professional background (industry, location, years experience) and get shown jobs that they are qualified for. You can choose if you want your candidates to apply through a ZmashBot conversation or on the specific job pages on your careers website.

Artificial Intelligence

Qualify your potential candidates with the help of AI

List Jobs

Show your candidates jobs based on their background

Job Application

Let your candidates click on jobs and start an application on either your careers website or within ZmashBot

More Applications

Ping the qualified candidate to apply for more jobs that match his/her background

ATS Integration

Receive qualified candidate data in your ATS no matter where the application occurs

Not a Regular Chat

ZmashBot is designed to change the status quo of recruitment by helping your website visitors find and apply to the right jobs in a fast & easy manner as opposed to the traditional recruitment process

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Job List

3. More Applications

Artificial Intelligence Segments Your Website Audience

Empower your candidates by telling them what jobs they are qualified for. Segment your website audience by professional backgrounds.

ZmashBot Lists Jobs that Users are Qualified for

After your audience is segmented, ZmashBot will show a list of positions that the user is qualified for. The users can then click to read more about the position or directly apply through the conversation.

Job Application Location

Once the user clicks "Apply" on one of the suggested jobs within the conversation, ZmashBot will guide him/her to apply through either the current chat or be sent to your specific job page to apply in the traditional way depending on how you want the chatbot to function on your careers website.

Ping user to apply to more jobs

Users will be asked if they are interested in applying to the other suggested jobs that were provided within the first list and can continue applying. The users can also choose to start a new conversation where they ask for jobs in other areas or different locations.

We integrate with your Applicant Tracking System

Only qualified candidate data obtained through the chat will be automatically sent to your ATS. This way, we ensure that you can manage your candidates in one place but you also have access to the candidates within the Zmash Platform.

Access Your Dashboard and Benchmarking Tools

Find out where you stand in the fight for talent by utilizing the Zmash Platform. At Zmash, benchmarking data is vital in helping tailor a successful employer branding strategy.

Change your Employer Branding and Recruitment strategies

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These are some of the companies we worked with.

Creating the foundation for their future employer branding and recruitment strategies.

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Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

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More than 40% of website visitors interacted with ZmashBot, making it easier for Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset to identify who is really visiting their website

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Schneider Electric used messages campaigns with ZmashBot to attract more candidates for their trainee program

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Academy reached 25% more applicants to their educational programs for future consultants

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We helped Sweco identify what their trainee candidates are interested in, what their personal qualities are and helped them convert users into interested trainee applicants

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