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Engage and Convert Candidates on Your Social Media Pages

ZmashBot for Social Pages

Accelerate hiring, improve your employer brand, and deliver a world-class candidate experience on your Facebook and Instagram Pages.

ZmashBot for Facebook

Guide your potential candidates to the right jobs and let them apply on your Facebook Careers Page.

ZmashBot for Instagram

Guide your potential candidates to the right jobs and let them apply on your Instagram Careers Page.

Social Pages for Candidate Engagement & Conversions

We help you take the first steps into using AI tech in your recruitment processes


Place ZmashBot on Your Social Pages


Engage & Convert Candidates Directly on Your Social pages


Manage Candidate Data in Your ATS and View Insights in the Zmash Dashboard

Choose Your Goals for Your Social Media Pages & Start Your Digital Transformation Journey with Zmash

You can have multiple options for starting conversation on your social Pages. Is your goal to guide candidates to jobs and increase conversions? Would you like to use it to build a talent pool and receive all candidate data in your ATS. Would you like to do both? Having a clear goal is the first important step in your journey to digital transformation.

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These are some of the companies we worked with.

Conversational Ads with Worko - 6x Candidate Increase

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Creating the foundation for their future employer branding and recruitment strategies.

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Attracting IT talents through recruitment marketing & converting them with ZmashBot

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More than 40% of website visitors interacted with ZmashBot, making it easier for Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset to identify who is really visiting their website.

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Attract, Engage and Convert Trainees

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Mobile-friendly Application Process to Increase Candidate Satisfaction & Conversions

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