6 Reasons to Use Recruitment Chatbots

When it comes to recruitment…

  • Chatbots have a clear-cut goal
  • Chatbots do not replace human interaction
  • Chatbots are be a mobile-friendly way to apply to jobs.
  • The History of Chatbots

    In the past decade, chatbots have been taking the spotlight in sales, customer support and marketing. Using a chatbot service in these areas can only be effective if the strategy for using it is well-rounded and can replace the human interaction - Keep in mind that people are prone to not interacting with chatbots when they are seen as ineffective and a waste time rather than helpful.

    Thus, the effectiveness as well as efficiency of a recruitment chatbot cannot be put into question the same way as a customer service one could as the only process it complements is the initial application process for a job - which has always been automated and lacked human interaction.

    On average, employers look at resumes for six to seven seconds. However, the amount of time that an employer spends looking at a resume varies from company to company. Some employers may thoroughly scan a resume, while others may scan it for only a few seconds. The number of applicants for a particular position can also play a factor in this assessment.”


    At Zmash, we don’t want to replace the traditional application process. Rather, we want to be a complement to it - a different way of doing things that helps both candidates and recruiters alike. Through our AI-driven chatbot, candidates can search and apply for jobs. Clients can choose what they want to know about their candidates, such as: years experience, background, short descriptions of the previous job, etc. Of course, we also ask for contact details and we are GDPR-aligned.

    All of the candidate data is then sent into your recruitment system just like a traditional application.

    You can use Zmash on Websites or in Facebook & Instagram ads.

    We make recruitment faster

    You can get a higher influx of candidates in a shorter timeframe by simplifying the application process. The addition of Zmash takes little to no time but can have a high impact on your recruitment success. Worko increased their conversion rate by 400% by using Zmash in their social media ads.

    We increase candidate conversions

    There is no confusion as to why the conversion rates from ad link click to candidate are generally low - most candidates drop off because they either don’t have their CV or they expect a complex application process.

    We make recruitment mobile-friendly

    A mobile-friendly application process should be an option for all candidates. Nobody said that job applications should only be done one way. Offer your candidates multiple options and help them apply the way they choose.

    We improve the candidate journey

    Candidates love Zmash; and we have the quotes to prove it. Most of our clients choose to ask their candidates what they think about the solution - we’re not surprised that 97% of candidates have a very positive attitude.

    We depict your audience & their behavior

    If a candidate drops off during the chatbot application, we still analyze the non-personal data that they submitted. With application forms, you lose all data if candidates do not finalize the application. Forms can’t tell you at what point a potential candidate dropped off.

    We set the strategy for your employer brand

    Since we’re asking background questions, why not also ask what your potential candidates what they look for in an employer? Get the information you need to start promoting your employer brand. Replace the guess-work with data-driven strategies.


    • Higher conversion rate
    • Lower cost per candidate
    • Lower cost per hire
    • Easy implementation
    • More target audience data
    • Positioning yourself as an innovative employer


    Chatbots are here to stay. They might not have been great in the past, but with the evolution of technology, they’ve improved, and they are becoming a permanent part of our lives. W well-rounded and well-implemented recruitment chatbot that is integrated with your recruitment system can help you convert more passive and active candidates, become an innovative employer while lowering your overall recruitment costs and reduce your hiring times. Contact us today to find out how you can implement a conversion chatbot within 1-2 weeks.