Social Media

Find and recruit candidates through the Zmash recruitment chatbot.
Directly on social media.

The different setups

See which option fits your goals.

Social Media Application Chatbot

For talent pools and specific job ads.

By lowering the amount of steps for users to become candidates, you increase your amount of candidates and decrease your overall hiring costs. 

Zmash is integrated with most recruitment systems and we’re expanding our portfolio every month. While the application process changes for candidates, your own internal processes don’t change at all.

Social Media Search & Application Chatbot​

Guide candidates to jobs and collect applications.

You can now let your candidates search for jobs directly in Facebook messenger. Zmash extracts your jobs and presents them to candidates based on job title and location.

After selecting a job, candidates can read more about it or start an application process – directly in Facebook Messenger.

The process

At Zmash, we do most of the work so you can have time to focus on more important things.

Decide what job to promote.​

Whether it's a talent pool or a specific job that you want to promote, with Zmash, you get all candidate data in your recruitment system.

Feedback on Zmash conversational content.​

Zmash, with your input, will create the chatbot conversation and edit it based on your feedback. Don't worry, we can make changes even after the campaign is launched.

Create the campaign. ​

Creating the campaign on social media works the same as any other campaign. It does not take any extra time to add Zmash.

Launch the ad.

...and that's it!

Award-winning solution

Worko x Zmash

Automated sourcing of passive candidates

The jury’s reasoning: Imagine finally being able to break away from the old standard “advertisement-to-application-form-to-selection-process” formula. That’s exactly what this year’s bronze winner does! Worko succeeds in taking the jobs to the right people and engaging them in a dialogue through a chat-based solution in social media. By activating the candidate directly in social media, they can already have a dialogue there and create effective sourcing, instead of leading them on to the classic career page.

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