Worko – 6 X More Qualified Candidates

Social media ad designs / Social media chatbot


Did someone say social recruiting? How about conversational social recruiting? Worko was looking to improve its talent pool of full-time employees and consultants working in IT and construction. From front-end developers all the way to construction architects, they help companies in Sweden and Norway hire top employees. That means that Worko needs a constant flow of candidates interested in finding jobs or switching to better jobs.

By implementing ZmashBot in their social recruiting campaigns, candidates could directly show their interest in Facebook messenger. Because we minimize the steps between ad click and application, we increased the conversion rate from 1.3% to over 6%. Amazing right?


Recruit more candidates in IT and Construction. Worko helps other companies hire the best employees. The more candidates they have, the higher the chances they will find the perfect match for their clients.


Worko used a combination of the social media chatbot and the website chatbot.

See how you can increase your number of candidates and decrease hiring costs with Zmash!


Worko works with the candidate data directly in their own ATS. The implementation is seamless. Zmash created the initial social recruiting campaign and then had workshops with Worko’s employees to explain how they can run their own campaigns with ZmashBot.


Qualified candidates


Click-through rate


Higher conversion rate

Zmashbot has proven to be a super-efficient tool for this. It helps us reach new candidates in a modern, user friendly way and also gather more data on both new candidates and on those we already have in the network. This in turn lets us do a better match between candidates and clients. The result: a better candidate experience and happier clients.

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