Knowit – 17 Hires in 6 Months

Website chatbot


Knowit is a consulting company that supports companies and organizations in their digital transformation. With a unique combination of expertise in IT, design, communication and management, they develop innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a high business value for their customers. Knowit chose to partner with Zmash to offer their potential candidates an easier way to find and apply for their jobs on their career side.


Knowit wanted to add a new and faster application process for their candidates. They also wanted to get more insights into who is visiting their career site, what backgrounds they have and which audiences drop off the most,


Knowit used the website chatbot to convert candidates already visiting their career site.


Knowit got more candidates by offering a mobile-friendly complement to the traditional application process. ZmashBot’s built-in AI helps guide candidates to jobs based on their background and location. ZmashBot is available around the clock and is a mobile-friendly way to capture candidates, wherever they are.


Hires in 6 months


Applications in 6 months


Data points

We have increased our candidate experience and improved our overall conversion rates from visitors to candidates as well as our NPS where 9/10 candidates say that we have a modern & interactive application process.

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