Sigma Technology – 100% Candidate Increase for Software Developers

About Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, digital solutions, and IT infrastructure with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams. Sigma Technology wanted to try out the social media recruitment chatbot and decided to start building a talent pool for software developers. They ran a […]

Client Sigma Technology
Category Social media chatbot
Date 10 November, 2022
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Knowit – 17 Hires in 6 Months

About Knowit is a consulting company that supports companies and organizations in their digital transformation. With a unique combination of expertise in IT, design, communication and management, they develop innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a high business value for their customers. Knowit chose to partner with Zmash to offer their potential candidates an […]

Client Knowit
Category Website chatbot
Date 25 August, 2022
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Worko – 6 X More Qualified Candidates

About Did someone say social recruiting? How about conversational social recruiting? Worko was looking to improve its talent pool of full-time employees and consultants working in IT and construction. From front-end developers all the way to construction architects, they help companies in Sweden and Norway hire top employees. That means that Worko needs a constant […]

Client Worko
Category Social media ad designs/ Social media chatbot
Date 6 May, 2022
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NCC – 400 Traineeship Candidates

Results NCC ran a pre-campaign for their traineeship program with the Zmash social media ad technology. They attracted & engaged potential trainees that are interested in the upcoming Traineeship for 2023. The strategy was used to take advantage of the lower costs on social media during spring & summer as opposed to november & december […]

Client Createx Inc.
Category Social media chatbot
Date 1 March, 2022
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