NCC – 400 Traineeship Candidates

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NCC ran a pre-campaign for their traineeship program with the Zmash social media ad technology. They attracted & engaged potential trainees that are interested in the upcoming Traineeship for 2023.

The strategy was used to take advantage of the lower costs on social media during spring & summer as opposed to november & december which bring higher social media costs. The more competition there is on ads, the higher the costs will be.

With Black Friday & Christmas around the corner, companies worldwide are targeting similar audiences, thus, increasing the overall marketing prices when the Traineeships are open for applications.


Traineeship applications


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NCC are running Traineeship campaigns every year for their MTP & KTP programs. They are looking for students & newly graduates in economics & civil engineering.

NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics. Based on its expertise in managing complex construction processes, NCC contributes to the positive impact of construction for its customers and society. Operations include commercial property development, building and infrastructure project contracting, and asphalt and stone materials production


Attracting & converting trainees for their yearly traineeship programs, MTP & KTP. The target group is newly graduates from civil engineering programs & economics.


A division of the social media marketing budget across the year. Using the Zmash chatbot technology in ads, NCC can create a talent pool even before the traineeship application period begins.

I am so excited to test new ways of attracting candidates together with Zmash. It is very educational and rewarding with such a close collaboration!

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