Sigma Technology – 100% Candidate Increase for Software Developers

Social media chatbot


Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, digital solutions, and IT infrastructure with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams.

Sigma Technology wanted to try out the social media recruitment chatbot and decided to start building a talent pool for software developers. They ran a social media ad on facebook and Instagram for two weeks.


Lack of software development applicants.


Social media chatbot to increase the number of candidates that they receive by running social media ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Sigma Technology had 38 full candidates in their recruitment system once the campaign was over. Because they have the skills inhouse, they ran their own ads with the Zmash technology in them. Since we at Zmash also have extensive experience within social media marketing, we helped with ad suggestions related to content. This helped Sigma Technology get even better results towards the end of their campaign.

5,000 SEK

Spending on Social Media


Conversion Rate from started application to candidate



This is incredible! We have increased our conversion rates by more than 100%!

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