3 Common Recruitment Challenges

It’s not always easy to find the right candidates for a role, even if they are out there. It’s also not easy for the candidates to know if they are qualified or not. And as a recruiter it is time consuming to go through a lot of candidates only to realize they’re not the right fit.

My candidates are not qualified for the roles that they apply for

Yes, everyone has this issue, don’t worry. There are always going to be unqualified candidates for every job you post.

How does Zmash solve it?

Using Zmash gives you the advantage of being able to disqualify candidates even before you get their application in your recruitment system.

Passive Candidates aren’t converting from my social media ads.

Don’t get disappointed if your social media ads are not bringing in the amount of candidates that you were expecting. Chances are that you’re mostly reaching passive candidates. However, passive candidates today can also be active candidates later. You just hit 2 birds with one stone and the employer branding department should thank you. Still, how do you get the most sought-after candidates to consider your company, when all the other companies also want them?

48% of job seekers rank social media as the #1 place they go to research any “deal breakers” such as lower pay, less work-life balance, and lack of workplace flexibility.


How does Zmash solve it?

Multiple ways, mostly research, simplifying the application process and lowering the amount of steps a user needs to take to become a candidate. The more you know, the better your strategies, the higher the chances that you achieve your goal of convincing people that they should join your company. What motivates candidates and what’s important to them at a workplace is what you need to know. Here’s what ZmashBot can help answer:


  • What do senior IT professionals care most about in a company culture?
  • What do junior accountants look for in a company? 
  • What do backend developers care most about in their jobs?

And many many more. Can you, today, answer these questions? If not, then you should work towards it.

I get many career website visitors but the conversion rate is low

If you run social media ads for recruitment, you must have a mobile-friendly application process. Across all our past and present clients we see that around 97% of all link clicks on social media ads come from mobile phones. These users almost always drop off from career websites – unless there is a way for them to easily apply to jobs.

How does Zmash solve it?

A mobile-friendly application process, of course! We integrate with all major ATSs & recruitment systems. When a user applies through a 3 minute conversation, all their answers and personal information is transferred to your ATS.

Final thoughts

A great conversion rate on career sites is said to be around 8%-10%. However, take that with a lot of salt (not just a grain). That’s because each company drives traffic from different sources and each company has their own mix. If your only traffic source would be Arbetsförmedlingen, for example, your conversion rate would be around 30%. If your traffic source is indeed, expect around 10%-15%, if your source is LinkedIn job postings, around 7%-10% but if you do a lot of recruitment marketing on social media, you can look at a conversion rate of about 2%-4%. You might run a lot of employer branding campaigns, which means that you want passive and active candidates to know about you as an employer, this will bring more users to your career site that might not convert.